Improve your health and wellness

Power smoothies

Smoothies are so popular right now and every healthy website has examples of recipes for you to try.

Reasons why you may want to experiment with them.

1. These delicious meals feel like you are eating a dessert – they are a treat to eat and easy to make.

2. There is something about eating fresh food blended that makes it so easy for the body to absorb that you can feel the difference, in how you feel after this meal. Energised !!

3. Variety is the name of the game – do I feel like the sweetness of berries or mangoes, vitamin C from citrus or Kiwi fruit. Is the earthy taste of raw beetroot what I desire in this moment to make me feel more grounded and connected! Add a spinach leaf to any smoothie. You can hardly taste it and  there couldn’t be an easier way to get your greens

4. Basic health rules. Use a  low GI fruit such as an apple or a pear as the base.

5. Add a banana for minerals and creaminess

6. Personally, I try to avoid yoghurt in them and make them dairy free. The blended ice allows you to do this and yet the taste is still creamy.

7. I like to add a few scoops of brown rice protein powder to my breakfast power smoothie. Hemp powder is another possibility. There is a range of delicious powders you can add to jazz them up and make them creamy. Explore your local health shop or pharmacy to see what is available.

8. I always add fresh ginger (it’s a natural anti-inflammatory and seems to curb the appetite awhile)

9. Best sweet base:

1 green apple diced

1 banana

3 scoops brown rice protein powder

1/2 teaspoon fresh grated ginger

handfull of frozen or fresh berries (anti-oxidant)

1 fresh spinach leaf

few mint leaves

1/2 cup ice

1/2 cup ice cold water

If I am really starving I add some muesli or cooked quinoa to thicken it and a few raw almonds or walnuts, crushed!

Blend all together and enjoy my darlings – you will love it.


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