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Green and low GI vegetable cleanse

Many of you are doing a cleanse as the start of your Anti – Candida therapy plan. With my clients I know eating such a vegetable rich diet is often a new thing. So what does it look like?

I decided to share a few pictures of the meals that are perfect for this, over the next week or so.

Here is an example of a lunch. This is a green leafy salad, with rocket (arugula/rucola), kale and mixed leaves of lettuce. There are a few carrot shavings and cucumber slices mixed in. It is topped with asparagus, pan fried in a little coconut oil and has grilled broccoli on the side. The pretty red jewels are diced red peppers and it is topped with thinly sliced celery for crunch and borage flowers for beauty. Fresh coconut slithers decorate the top and it is dressed in a delicious mix of olive oil, fresh lemon juice and a touch of crushed garlic and chilli. You could top it with a soft boiled egg or half an avocado.


Now this is what I want you to have for lunch – delicious!!


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver


I came across this quote this week and it really made me sit back and think –

  • what is the state of my bucket list?
  • What travels do I still want to do? and with whom?
  • What do I still want to achieve in my work and am I on track?
  • How well have I been looking after my dreams and visions for my life?
  • Am I looking after me to the very best of my ability?

I know the person we have the most power over in our lifetime, is surprisingly, our future self!

Reflect for a moment – be still and think about your future self and what you want that person to be, in all dimensions.

The picture is of the wildebeest crossing the Mara River during the migrations in Kenya and Tanzania. I have seen it before, but want to share it with my children, who like me, have a passion for those precious and increasingly rare wild places, where en masse- the animals roam free. We stayed at the main Governors Camp last time, ( and just loved it.Image

Mashatu in Botswana

ImageWhat do you need for rest and relaxation? It’s guaranteed to be different for everyone and also changes depending on your mood or stage of life. I love being in the African bush in general, and at Mashatu in Botswana in particular. This raw piece of heaven is far away from the maddening crowds and the only sounds you hear are those of birds or animals.


Baby elephants giving chase in unusually green Mashatu


The hyenas eerie calls, elephants trumpeting, lions blood-chilling roars, if you are lucky and the many distinctive bird calls. This is a place that you have to be present and in the now. There is no day dreaming or thinking of work here as it is wild and has many dangers. If you do not generally meditate, find a place that forces you into the NOW. The benefits of having to be focused on everything around you is that worry in other areas of your life just melt away. There is infrequent cell phone network coverage and no WIFI here. So there you are, in the moment, with those sharing your landrover and your campfire and your dinner. Conversations enjoyed here are amongst my favourite and a few glorious days of this and you are ready to return to it all with your batteries charged and your mind and body rested and rejuvenated.

I wanted to share these beautiful pictures of Mashatu – so have a look  Mashatu Vistas

And, find that place that rejuvenates you and make a plan to get there with your friends and family…. regularly as possible.

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