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Using a food diary

The benefits of a food diary if you are trying to reduce what you eat and be a more mindful eater are legendary. Have you ever tried to do this? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it is close to an impossible task for me. I would rather have joined Hercules in his first quest to get the skin of the invulnerable and dangerous Nemean lion, than keep a simple food diary – crazy stuff.

However all this has changed with the encouragement of a girlfriend (yes – one of my thinspirations) and now I am on day three and Hercules can head off by himself. This is painless and easy and definitely something I will keep up. So I am using – and it is great. I am doing it as I go, meal for meal, and I cannot believe what the calories are in some things. I really was caught out by tea and milk and a sugar – of English descent, I drink many, many great cups of tea a day. After that little calorie surprise I now know why most diets ask you to cut sugar and dairy. So I only have 2 a day now and the rest are black and sugar free. Amazing benefit of doing meal by meal was I could immediately correct my mistake and cut back on dinner and still be in my calorie range. Cool.

It also made sense why the real gurus on this say “Don’t drink your calories” So although it may sound boring, I am drinking mainly water, am conscious of any other drinks I have, and will worry about being boring after I have bought my new swim suit – yes the expensive and fancy one I am going to reward myself with, when I get to my goal weight.

So try it out if you have a weight loss plan you are currently doing and let me know what you think.


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