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Tips for weight loss

I will lose weight this year! – Is this a New Year’s Resolution you have made for the past few years? How did it work out for you? Were you successful?

Finding your motivation – your why being slimmer is important to you, will really help you make concrete plans to reach your goals.

My best tips are

1. Find your motivation and find support, be it a friend to exercise and compare menus with or a Health Coach to share the journey with you.

2. Drink more fresh water. Too often we drink our calories in sodas, alcohol and coffee. Adding more water ensures you are well hydrated and if you substitute water for high calorie drinks, it will reduce your daily calorie intake.

3. Get moving and increase your exercise. Vary the types of exercise you do to include strength training, flexibility enhancing exercises like Pilates and Yoga, walking, swimming and oh yes – choose exercises you enjoy.

4. Learn what low GI or low GL foods are and include them into your daily meals. There are many benefits to adding more leafy green vegetables and colourful fruits to your diet.

5. Eat breakfast – it’s not called “The meal of champions” for nothing. People who eat breakfast are more successful at keeping weight off.

6. Plan for snacks during the day so you don’t binge like crazy if you are struggling with blood glucose levels. Have a fresh apple OR a pear on the ready.

7. Sleep – so often lack of sleep comes up in discussions when talking about loosing weight. There is growing evidence that not getting enough sleep may increase your appetite.

8. Choose to eat fresh, whole foods and be aware of your portion size. We are in a supersize society where bigger is better.

9. Choose to work on your relationships – within your family, with friends and in your social and work circles.

10. Give thanks and do your gratitudes. Daily and in writing in best, but however you can manage it is best for you.

Good luck!


Where to start?…

Where to start? – with healthy habits, just like everything else in your life, there are many gurus with a “how to”. Here is one of my favourites

on zenhabits: Where in the World Do I Start?

Who is your thinspiration?

I have 2 girlfriends who are my real thinspiration. Both were overweight at some stage of their lives and at a specific point, decided one day – “This is it, not one kg more!!!!”

My first friend had an event she was going to in the future and decided there was no ways she was going to be anything but her best. Good for her. Giving herself 6 months for the programme, she chose a nutritious, fresh, low GI menu and stuck to it. Yes she had a slice of cake at bridge, but no she did not have a slice of cake, 2 brownies and some delicious quiche like the rest of us. She was just disciplined and consistent, if she had a “Break all the rules” meal, she just climbed back on the band wagon and from her next meal stuck to it again. She did not agonise or fuss – she just simply did it. Well you should have seen the gorgeous dress she wore to her special event and heard all the compliments. She looks fantastic and healthy and 10 years younger. A year later, as it is now, she has not gained one gram. She still is quite observant of the choices she makes regarding what delicious morsel to hang off the end of her fork. Sugar is out and fruit is IN. Quantity is out, BUT quality is IN. Seeing her steady, disciplined, one day at a time, one step at a time approach, makes Jane my primary godess of thinspiration. So thanks and hoping you too find that shining example of something you would like to achieve in your health – and your life!

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