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Our crowning glory

Is it pure vanity to fuss constantly about our hair – or is it primary health care to be aware of changes in our hair growth and appearance?

We all have daily hair loss and excessive loss and thinning is highly individual. So often it is a good barometer of our hormone balance, nutritional status and health generally. By being aware of these changes we have an early insight of possible health concerns that should be addressed.

Hair loss may be due to any combinations of the following:

Nutritional deficiencies especially protein, iron, vitamin D and vitamin A

Stress – both emotional and physical

Hormonal imbalances

Immune system changes

Thyroid disorders


Yeast and or fungal over growth

Radiation / chemotherapy

Blood loss

Dental treatment

Allergies to cosmetics and products

Dramatic weight loss



So notice your stress levels and really pay attention to your nutrition! A proper diet can do wonders for your crowning glory and the rest of your health. If you have concerns or if the hair loss seems unusually high, make sure you see your doctor and have things checked out.


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